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​​​​​​​​Llano County Democrats is the face of the Democratic Party in Llano County, Texas. Our dedication to the principles of community, advocacy, education and compassion are especially needed in the coming years.

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This month's meeting will be held at the Kingsland Library Tuesday Jan.22 at 6pm


A special message to Democrats; You Won Last Night!

​November 7, 2018

You accomplished feats you never thought possible. You didn't like the rhetoric and policies enacted by the White House, Congress, and our state legislature. You stood up. You spoke out. You took action.

You knocked on doors (over 1000 of them), you made phone calls, addressed postcards, volunteered at town halls and rallies, donated money, served as poll workers, learned computer systems you never thought you needed to learn, produced door hangers and designed graphics, wrote advertisements, submitted articles for the newspaper, wrote letters to the editor and marched. Oh, boy, did you march. You marched for gun control. You marched for women's health and their rights.

You didn't give up. You didn't give in.

You forged close friendships that wouldn't have happened had you not been working toward a common goal--to restore sanity to our government and to return our country to a place of compassion and inclusion.

Because of you, Democrats in this county no longer need to hide behind closed doors. There are many of us! Over 2000 people voted for Beto---and by the way, Beto is NOT going away--he's only just begun!

This is a war we're fighting. We just won a major battle. We now control the U.S. House of Representatives. Trump will be held accountable for his actions. We gained seats in the Texas Legislature and will stop the silliness of Dan Patrick and Ken Paxton.

I'm honored to have met and worked with all of you. You're an incredible group of people who share the values of compassion and inclusion. You did an outstanding job! I'm proud to be your County Chair! I'm fortunate to have worked with outstanding Precinct Chairs--Thank you for your hard work!

Take a break and nurture yourself for a job well done. In a few months, we'll be planning on how to make more gains in our state and country. We will be recruiting and mentoring Democrats to run for local offices. Not everything is accomplished in one huge sweep--slow and steady---step by step--we'll win in the long run.

Truth and honesty always win in the end.

We know what we're doing and we won't give up--ever!

(Don't forget to attend our next Llano County Democratic Club meeting at Crazy Gals in Granite Shoals on November 14 at 6:00 PM. We will be electing new officers and voting on the new by-laws.)

Dana Rushing
Llano County Democratic Party Chair