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Llano County Democratic Party Convention

March 21, 2020 10am-2pm

Kingsland Library, 125 W. Polk, Kingsland, TX

At county conventions, participants and delegates debate resolutions to be sent to the State Convention for consideration. The county conventions are an incredible opportunity to influence state policy with your vision for the future. The convention will be held March 21, 2020 in a convenient central location for all Llano County residents to attend. 



Onsite registration begins at 10am. Light breakfast will be served.

Convention opens at 11am. To register online (it's easy and saves time)



The following Committees need your participation; Credentials, Resolutions,

Rules and Procedures and Nominations. This is your opportunity to influence state

and national policy for years to come.


We must have a bluer, more compassionate and fairer representation of all Texans

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