To get your VOTE BLUE or BIDEN for PRESIDENT yard sign delivered by request.



There are new concerns about the slowing of mail delivery.

Be sure to protect your voting rights by registering

and applying for your Vote By Mail Ballot as soon as possible.

Be sure to sign your ballot!
If ballot is oversized, place two Forever Stamps for mailing!


Instructions for submitting an Application for Ballot by Mail (ABBM):

Last day to register to Vote in the 2020 Nov. 3 election is October 5, 2020

Last day to apply to Vote by Mail is October 23, 2020

  1. Click here to print & fill out the application OR contact the Llano County Elections Office, 325-247-5425 to have an ABBM mailed to you. 

  2. Complete Sections 1 through 8. If you would like to receive ballots for each election that year you must check “annual application” under Section 6a.

  3. Sign and Date Section 10.

  4. Complete Section 11 of the application IF you were unable to sign the application and someone witnessed your signature and/or if someone helped you complete the application or mailed it for you.

  5. Affix postage and mail to: 

Llano County Elections Office
P.O. Box 787
Llano, Texas 78643

For the first time in its 175 years of publication, 
Scientific American Magazine
endorses a political candidate;

read about it here

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