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Administration of this site

This page is hidden from accidental access and from search results. It is accessed by clicking a white asterisk located directly below the first letter of the last entry in Resources.

Google Account and Website information

Personal Google accounts must belong to a real person. GSuites can be owned and used by a group or organization for a yearly fee per user. Gmail address and account (including all the Google Goodies; Drive, Docs, Calendar, Youtube, etc.) belongs to the owner, Paul D'Orsogna. Anyone with the email address and the password has complete control over the account, including the ability to transfer ownership or delete it. 


Our WIX hosted website is owned by anyone who has the Gmail address and the WIX password. Only the owner can transfer, duplicate or delete the site or access the billing information. Additional people may be invited as Admins and have full access to the site, can edit and publish but cannot edit the payment info, delete or duplicate the site. Back Office Admins can access Wix Home to manage site settings and apps but cannot edit the site. From the Dashboard, on the left panel choose 'Roles and Permissions' to add Admins and Back Office Admins.

Desktop and mobile versions can be edited independently, so to make sure your changes have not made the mobile version ugly or broken, always check it from the editor. Two icons at the top, when you hover, say Desktop and Mobile.


Google Analytics is connected to the website and can be accessed by signing in to the Google account and typing in 'Google Analytics'. If you have your own personal gmail account open it may default to that so check the top right to see you are in llanocountydemocrats account. If not click on the icon in the top right and there should be a dropdown from which you can choose it. If Analytics intrigues you, you may be interested in taking this free course.

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