Bill Rosenberg

SD24 Committeeman


Today I’m formally announcing my candidacy for re-election to the SDEC to represent the citizens of SD-24. In years past, I’ve focused on the importance of growing our Democratic message throughout the district, the state, and the nation. Those goals are even more crucial now than they have ever been, but these are not ordinary times. As I’ve spoken with many of you over the past two months, I’ve heard your fears, your uncertainty, and your anger at our government that has failed us in this, the most critical crisis of our lives, and I share all of your feelings. I hope you are all faring as well as you can as the COVID-19 pandemic ravages America and the world.

We Democrats have never felt the urgency that we have in the past four years, and even more intensely in the past two months. We’ve watched, horrified, as an autocrat has made a mockery of our system of government. We know that we must come together as never before to defeat Donald Trump, to take back our state government, and to reclaim our local governments. Now, in the current environment, all the methods we’ve used in the past to get out the vote, to fundraise, and to fellowship with our like-minded friends are going to have to change. We are working to master many new platforms: Zoom, GoToMeeting, Slack, and others. Our conventions are now going to have to be conducted virtually. It’s a tough challenge, but I know we are all up to it.

Over the past eight years I’ve come to know many of you as not only compatriots in the struggle to take back America, but also as dear friends. We’ve worked together to strengthen county parties, to nurture local Democratic clubs and allied groups as they have developed. I’ve worked to help many of you overcome the particular challenges that living in rural Texas bring: not least of these is how to effectively operate in areas that do not have access to effective broadband Internet access. I want you to know, I’ve been actively engaged in helping to develop the strategies and platforms to get our message out, to engage voters, and to support our candidates and our platform.


I’m asking for your support as I seek to provide stability, continuity, and reliable leadership to all of you as your SDEC Committeeman. I always answer my phone, I will always be responsive to your questions and concerns, and if I don’t have the answers you need at hand, I will find them for you. 

We’ve come a long way together, and while I see the next stage in my role as the Democratic voice for our area, this will be my final campaign for SDEC. That said, I remain just as firmly committed to seeing all of you through this crisis, and the sweeping change it will no doubt bring in the upcoming two years. Together, I know we will all come through this stronger and better than before. I thank you all for your unwavering support over the years and I ask for your support and your vote one final time. 


Thank you,


Dana Rushing

SD 24 Committeewoman


I filed for the position of the SD 24 SDEC Committeewoman today with the Texas Democratic Party.  I am the former Llano County Democratic Party Chair, past member of the Non-Urban Rural County Caucus, and the Hill Country Democratic Coalition. Currently, I serve as the Vice President of the Highland Lakes Democratic Women.

 I was raised in the Texas Panhandle and obtained degrees from UT, School of Health at Southwestern Medical School in Rehabilitation Science, and the University of North Texas in Counseling Psychology and Administration. I retired four years ago as the administrator of Cornell Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine in Boynton Beach, FL, which consisted of 36 rehabilitation hospital beds and eight outpatient physical therapy clinics.  I have lived in Horseshoe Bay for over three years and serve on five non-profit boards.

 I firmly believe that we will win back this country through working diligently in our rural counties to encourage the Democrats who’ve been sitting out elections, to get out and vote.  Our rural counties need resources to get the job done.  I am willing to provide my time to help our excellent Democratic leaders in SD 24 get out the vote through advertising, block-walking, texting, calling on the phone, etc.,…whatever it takes to encourage people to vote Blue.  We have robust County Chair and Precinct Chair leadership in SD 24, but they need ongoing support.

After suffering for four years under a President who has shown no compassion or intelligence and has mishandled the current pandemic that has caused the deaths of thousands of people, we must energize those who want to see a change.  His enablers, the Republicans in Congress and at the state level MUST lose in November! They continue to make the wealthy wealthier and sacrifice lives for the economy.  We have to win our country back, and it takes “all hands on deck” to accomplish this goal.   Please partner with me to save lives.


I promise to represent you well, listen to your concerns, visit your counties, and be a resource when you need assistance. Please vote for me as your SD 24 SDEC Committeewoman.


Thanks again,



Robert Sheldon

SD24 Committeeman


To my fellow Texas Senate District 24 Democrats,

I have placed my name on the Texas Democratic ballot for Senate District 24 to represent the good folks of the district in the Senate District Executive committee.  As a supporter and a Precinct Chair of the Travis County Democratic Party, living in the far western Travis county, I have grown to appreciate the beautiful Hill Country and the solid citizens in our vast district, much like where I grew up in Kansas surrounded by wheat.  As a member of the Texas Democratic Party Non-Urban Rural Outreach (NURO) caucus I have traveled from Abilene to Kerrville, on to Bandera and to the Y@Oakhill in Austin meeting and talking with many of you on your doorstep.

The far-flung geography of our district has shown me the diversity of our district and the good people with great ideas that call this their home.  I have participated in block-walking, phone banking and postcard writing in our efforts to GetOutTheVote(GOTV). Working with many of you has been my honor.  Engaging with the County Chairs and GOTV committees in some of the 17 counties we made a difference.
As part of the NURO project I was able to connect with many of you by delivering Beto fence signs across the district with the help of the TDP field coordinator, we were able to finance and place over 500 big signs with the efforts of every district member.  Block walking with Clayton Tucker for Julie Oliver (CD25) was great fun and we were glad to help Gene Whittle GOTV in Coryell county. My best friend and wife of 40 years, Connie, and I have registered hundreds of voters in Travis county where we set up on Sundays at the local Farmers Market along the Pedernales or in Bee Cave.  I have been active in the Texas Veterans Caucus as a Navy member since 2007.  I made a lot of friends and swapped a few sea stories along the way.

I am not running against an opponent, but more accurately I’m running to maintain SDEC policies and help create new direction for our district to make sure rural healthcare becomes THE issue the to focus on in 2020 and into the future, …….we don’t have a healthcare system, we have an insurance system that only those with means may participate in. On the heels of healthcare is equal pay for equal work. The SDEC can provide direction and keep the pressure on the Texas legislature.  Speaking of our Texas Congress, all of us need to make sure we are registered and voting Blue to flip the Texas house and gain as many Senate seats as possible.  I’m supporting Clayton Tucker for Senate and these great House Candidates, 54- Williams, 45- Zwiener, 71-Hatton, 53-Herrera and 47- Goodwin.

The SDEC must guide the TDP to demand we all Vote by Mail during this pandemic.  Being an SDEC member cannot be about maintaining the status quo, it must be about supporting ideas that make sense yet maintain our values, ideas which will come from you the Democratic voters and be articulated by your representative.   I bring a different perspective, that is why I am asking delegates in this Senate District to vote for me.  You can call me Robert or you can call me Bob, but I am hoping you will call me friend and your representative in the Texas Senate District Executive Committee from Senate District 24.  I am always here to listen to you, call me anytime 512 507 5830.

A participatory Democracy cannot function without participants. 
Thank You for your consideration – Robert Sheldon

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